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‘Wow, I’ve been blown away by the help I’ve had with Charlotte in just four sessions. I felt very trapped in a life where I acted ok on the outside and I couldn’t enjoy the amazing life I had because of the way my headspace was behaving. It felt suffocating. Very quickly I knew Charlotte wanted to really help me, not just similar people to me and I’ve never felt that. I could be totally me and tell her my deepest fears as I knew we could then work on unravelling them. We’ve worked with a range of techniques and I’ve had some amazing hypnosis help. Right now I’m feeling Ok... Like actually ok but not in a forced way, totally naturally! Charlottes managed to empty my busy brain and totally change the way I’m processing stuff but without it feeling like I’m different. I feel like I’ve been picked up out of a dark place and dropped into the life the way I wanted to be living it. I also know if I stumble at any point Charlotte will quickly help me get back on track, she’s knowledgable, genuine and makes me feel accountable for the way I want to be and I feel safe! ‘

<1> Thankyou very much with your time with our daughter. You really helped her to find ways to overcome her fears. We are confident that the techniques she learned she will be able to use in the future. We will be very happy to recommend your services.

<1>Charlotte has helped me so much over the past couple of months with my Emetophobia. Something that has effected me each and every day. She has literally changed my life. Aswell as overcoming some other continuing emotional concerns in my life, I have managed to finally deal with these and she has shown me how to cope and deal with future occurrences. Thank you Charlotte for all you have done for me, I am eternally grateful!LB , All tools from my toolbox Client (Jan 2020)

<1>Charlotte is a completely empathic and considerate lady who enhances the lives of anyone who meets her. She is incredibly dedicated to her work and her clients get first class support. Charlotte will go to every corner of the earth to make sure that everyone has the best from her and I would thoroughly recommend her. RB (Jan 2020)

Charlotte was recommended to me as I was dealing with a huge change and facing a big upheaval in my life. I had no idea how life coaching worked but on my first session quickly realised that this would greatly benefit me. Charlotte's positivity and enthusiasm for not only her work but also for my journey was contagious. She absolutely believes in me even when I don't and manages to make me believe and trust in myself. I look forward to each session and to where this process will continue to take me. I cannot recommend Charlotte enough. JT , Life Coaching Client (July 2019)

My first session with Charlotte was a really positive experience as I found that it helped talking about it all, looking at the wheel and seeing life like that as a visual really helped. Realising identity and purpose was such a big part and giving it a name helped more than you will ever know. I cant wait for my next sessions. ST, Life Coaching Client (Sep 2019)

I met Charl for a couple of Life Coach sessions and she was professional, warm, kind and understanding. She helped me look at different areas in my life and would email me a summary for me to refer to - sometimes with homework!
I would recommend her highly to anyone who needs this kind of support. 5 stars!
ET, Life Coaching Client (Aug 2019)

I have never been hypnotised before but when I was hypnotised by Charlotte she was very professional, careful and efficient. I was totally relaxed and calm by her technique and the results were amazing. I fully recommend her services! SS Hypnotherapy client (Oct 2019)

I had a NLP session with Charlotte to remove my phobia of heights, I am not usually comfortable with getting relaxed in someone’s presence however Charlotte made me feel so comfortable that I manged to let myself go. I have often dreamt of me falling into a void, I remember waking up quite anxious in the middle of the night and prior the session that dream reoccurred regularly but since I had the session with Charlotte I have no longer had that dream and the anxiety that came with it. Charlotte is really passionate about her job and she truly cares for other human beings, I highly recommend her if you considering her services. . PDS (October 2019).

I had a session with Charlotte to remove one of my negative emotions/feelings I have been struggling with for a while. She made me feel very relaxed, was supportive throughout when she has seen I found it hard and encouraged me. She managed to make the bad feeling go away completely but also gave me a 'tool' that I basically created myself that I took home in case I struggle again. I can highly recommend her. Fantastic session and lovely woman. CC, NLP technique (Oct 2019)

I went to see Charlotte as I had a fear of Owls and couldn't even look at a picture of one on my phone. In a short space of time I was able to look at an owl. I was absolutely amazed and astounded and felt quite emotional at how the fear had gone away. I would 100% recommend her to anyone with a fear or phobia. MC, NLP technique (Oct 2019)

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